“It’s An Autoharp” Apple iBook

Beginning Autoharp iBook: “It’s An Autoharp” for iPAD and Macintosh Computers with Maverics and later OS

“It’s An Autoharp – a very first beginner’s guide to Autoharp Playing”  is  for iPAD and Mac computers with Maverics and later operating systems.   It doesn’t work on ANY phones, non-iPad tablets, any PC’s or Macs with earlier operating systems. 

In order to put the book on your iPad, first choose “iBooks” from your home screen.  On your Mac, there will be an iBooks app that comes with your operating system.

Then choose “iBOOKS STORE” in the upper left hand corner:

And search for “Autoharp”. There you’ll find five sections of the book, with a free “Introduction” and Parts 1-4 for $4.95 each.  Download and read the Introduction and make sure it works before purchasing the other parts.

The iBook has the same content as the printed book with the addition of video illustrations of each lesson. Here’s an example of the movies.