Here are some videos to go with my Autoharp Quarterly “Magic In The Middle” articles.  You can subscribe to the magazine and get the manuscripts/discussions and MANY OTHER fascinating articles by going to  Feel free to send an email if you have questions.

Here’s “Cabri Waltz” from the AQ Summer 2020

And you can play along with our old-time band, Sound crossing here:

Here’s “Black is the color” from the AQ May 2020 issue

Here’s “Kaleidoscope Waltz” from the AQ Vol 32, Issue 1

Here’s “Da Auld Resting Chair” from the AQ Summer issue Vol 31, Issue 3


“Beach Spring” is a hymn tune, probably more accurately called “Beech Spring” that I feel in love with when it was featured in the Ken Burns Lewis and Clark series.  Music and discussion is in the AQ Spring issue, Vol 31, Issue 2

“December’s End” from the Winter 2019 issue, Vol 31, Issue 1:

“Bonnie at Morn” from the Fall 2018 issue, Vol 30 issue 4:

“Gånglåt fran Applebö from the Summer 2018 issue, Vol 30, issue 3:



“Anchored Inn” from the Spring 2018 issue Volume 30 Issue 2